The Nexus between Security and Development: Searching for Common Ground in Countering Terrorism

Research Paper by Ivan Briscoe and Bibi van Ginkel. March 2013

Published by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague


In recent years, only limited collaboration existed between the counter-terrorism community and the development sector. With the exception of some shared rhetoric on state-building and a common focus on an instrumental use of "development", there has been more mistrust than cooperation, and civil-military exercises have repeatedly created grave problems for humanitarian workers. ICCT Research Fellow Dr. Bibi van Ginkel and Clingendael Senior Research Fellow Ivan Briscoe analyse the relationship between the development and counter-terrorism sectors in light of the changing nature of terrorism. The authors argue that there is a complex but important connection between political violence and socio-economic development and argue for new synergies between development and counter-terrorism experts. This increased cooperation should build on small steps that both communities have taken of late and start with sharing experiences and collaborating on topics of mutual interest such as (de-) radicalisation, the rule of law and countering violent extremism. 

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