Program - Human Security Seminar CSNHS - Istanbul 30Sept2013

On 30 September and 1 October 2013, Human Security Collective, GPPAC and GPoT will be convening a two-day seminar to explore recent human security challenges, with a focus on the Middle East region and the situation in Turkey in particular.

Turkey finds itself at the heart of many regional interdependent security threats with a potential spill over from the borders of one country or region to another, eventually affecting people across a wider region and even globally. The outbreak of popular uprisings across the Arab world has not only fundamentally reshaped the socio-political landscape of the Middle East, but has also triggered a complex regional power struggle to reshape the region.

The seminar aims to offer an insight into Turkey's security policy and practice, and its response to these human security challenges, both domestic and external. It will be organised around four central topics. Panellists from Turkey and the broader region will share their views and approach these subjects from a human security angle. The panel sessions are aimed at bringing forward and debating the various perspectives that exist on these issues. We expect the outcomes of this seminar to contribute to a better understanding of how the human security approach can inform policies and actions in the region.

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