The Civil Society Network for Human Security is an initiative set up by the Dutch development organisation Cordaid (/The Human Security Collective) and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), a member-led network of civil society organisations active in the field of conflict prevention and peacebuilding across the world. Partners include the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague, and the Kroc Institute of the University of Notre Dame, US.

The platform brings together civil society organizations from fields such as peacebuilding, development and human rights that have been working in realities of violent conflict, repression and censorship. An overview of the members (and information on how to become part of the initiative) can be found here.

This website

On this website you will find resources and information that is accessible for a general public, for state and interstate bodies and others who are professionally involved in security and counter terrorism matters as well as issues of human security, human rights, conflict resolution and peace. The Network regularly organises cross-regional meetings to connect, share experiences and good practices, launch publications and work out advocacy strategies and actions, which can also be found here.

There is also a closed section of this online platform that can be accessed by members only. It offers human rights activists, peace builders and development workers a well secured space for real time discussion and exchange and storage of documents and other media (including reports, videos and pictures).

The Network

The main vision of the Network is to decrease violent and militarized conflicts by increasing the human security of communities, civil society networks, organisations and individuals.

What we do
We offer a strong and dynamic network for connecting transnational organisations and states with local civil society organisations, in order to:

  • Bring together civil society actors from different fields (peacebuilding, development, human rights) facing the same issues
  • Strengthen and expand engagement with policy makers, state actors and interregional bodies.
  • Provide a framework within which civil society can act and effectively engage with government actors
  • Provide the space and opportunity for (local) civil society actors to speak out, exchange sensitive data, share experiences, and convene on these issues in order to strengthen and support their work.

The Civil Society Network for Human Security aims to:

  • Validate and monitor UN and other transnational security policies with experiences from our members and their local constituencies
  • Strategize together with other actors on social challenges and human security risks and offer non-violent approaches to address issues involving counter terrorism
  • Build partnerships and support dialogue across regional and cross sectional bridges between groups and individuals dealing with these issues