BLOG: Balancing Freedom and Security - by Lia van Broekhoven


Blog by Lia van Broekhoven (Cordaid / Human Security Collective) reflecting on the UNCCT Conference on International and Regional Counter-terrorism Strategies (31 January 2013 – 1 February, Bogota, Colombia)

The UN CTC conference in Bogotá has a good turn out. Government and law enforcement delegates from over 40 countries and a number of UN counter terrorism entities are discussing their national and regional strategies and strategy implementation. Civil society is a minority, around 8 mainly research institutions and think tanks are present. Our initiative is the only civil society group that actually works in communities outside the realm of security and law enforcement. Two civil society organizations were invited to do a presentation at break out sessions. There is a two-track process; you either follow the discussions on national CT strategies or on regional CT strategies... 

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