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Here you will find relevant information on a wide range of issues relating to the initiative, with a focus on the role of civil society and the prevention of violent extremism.

It contains UN, EU and other (inter)governmental policy documents on counter terrorism, reports, articles and links on issues such as the reduction of civil society's political and operational space, measures taken against violent extremism and their impact on civil society.

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Thematic areas include: Monitoring and Evaluations of Policies, Human Security, Human Rights, Development, Financing, Gender, Survivors, and Countering Violent Extremism.

On this page you can find the core documents related to this initiative, some background reading and meeting reports. Through Twitter we also share interesting information and resources.

Core Documents

BLOG: Youth as leaders and changemakers - by Gabriella Vogelaar - 22 March 2013

Youth as leaders and changemakers Blog by Gabriëlla Vogelaar (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict), 22 March 2013 My second blog reflecting on the Middle East and North Africa...

Human Security Seminar - List of Participants, Speakers, and biographies

List of Participants, Speakers, and biographies of the seninar in Istanbul on Human Security Perspectives on Developments in the Middle East. 30 Sept-1 Oct 2013.

Program - Human Security Seminar CSNHS - Istanbul 30Sept2013

On 30 September and 1 October 2013, Human Security Collective, GPPAC and GPoT will be convening a two-day seminar to explore recent human security challenges, with a focus on the Middle East region...